Customer Care Pledge

Curbside Leaf Removal is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers. We guarantee the customer’s satisfaction. Should they be dissatisfied for any reason, we will return promptly and make it right!

Terms Of Service

Curbside Leaf Removal, LLC will herein be referred to as “CLR” and the Landscaping Subcontractor as the “Landscaper”. By electronically accepting CLR’s offer to subcontract any particular project, the Landscaper acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions below:

Services Required

The Landscaper is to provide leaf and limb removal/disposal services on the date requested for the amount offered by email. Other OPTIONAL services outside of leaf collection may be contracted directly between the Landscaper and Client.

Email Offers

  1. CLR will distribute job opportunities to you (by email) as soon they are purchased by our Client.
  2. Each email will include: Property Address, Property Size, Google Map, Date Requested, Price Offer, and Notes.
  3. Using the links on the email CLR sends, you will need to ACCEPT, REJECT, or COUNTER the offer within 36 hours of receipt.
  4. Upon receiving your notice of Acceptance, CLR will then return to you a notice of Confirmation or Rejection. Example: should there be multiple contractors accepting the job, one Landscaper will be sent a confirmation and the others a rejection email. NOTE: THE JOB IS NOT YOURS UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL FROM CLR.


CLR makes every attempt to complete the leaf pick-up on the day requested. When delays happen, CLR requires immediate notice to our Field Manager. CLR will then contact the Client directly. NOTE: For your convenience, we will also provide a link to a calendar reflecting when and where your jobs for CLR will be.

Proof of Work

The Landscaper is to electronically send BEFORE & AFTER pictures of the clean-up area. These photos are crucial to proving to CLR and the Client what work was done at the property. Site photos (including job address) are to be emailed to our office manager (see contact info below).


Before a payment is issued, the Client must be fully satisfied or else the Landscaper must return to correct it. CLR pays invoices no sooner than 7 calendar days of service but are written electronically via Wells Fargo every Sunday. Typical mailing time is 5-7 days. Therefore, following satisfactory completion of the job and receipt of job-site photos, you will receive your payment in 14-21 calendar days.

Right of Refusal

CLR and Landscapers reserve the right to refuse service (unpaid) under the following conditions:

  1. It is evident that neighbors have contributed to the Client’s leaf piles (Group Discounts available)
  2. There is an obstruction preventing CLR from safely pulling up to your leaves (example: cars, etc)
  3. The leaves are not within approximately 25’ of the street or driveway edge.

Clean-Up Expectation

The surface upon which the leaves are piled will be raked and blown clean. It is our goal to leave these areas cleaner than the rest of the yard. Remember to send pictures as proof of work.

Concealed Utilities

The Landscaper is to take care to avoid underground contingencies such as lighting, electrical, water, sprinklers.

Other Services

Please let CLR know if you are interested in providing quotes to our clients for landscaping, hardscaping, mowing/maintenance, and/or snow removal.

Insurance & License

CLR will need a copy of your Workman’s Compensation Certificate emailed to us. If you do not have insurance, CLR will provide umbrella coverage to the Landscaper at a cost of $10 per pick-up.

On-Site Behavior

Our reputation at CLR is invaluable. CLR expects all Landscapers to act professionally. This includes: No Profanity, No Intoxication, Proper Disposal of Food/Beverage/Cigarettes, and Using Public Restrooms.

Contractual Agreement

Once the Landscaper receives a confirmation email from CLR, we are considered contractually obligated to each other. This “Terms of Service” document is part of that contract.


Email Al or Adam using our Contact Form

Field Manager: Al Felder
(804) 467-1600 (cell)

Office Manager: Adam Goodrich
(804) 382-1117 (cell)