About Curbside Leaf Removal

UPDATE: Due to the high volume of seasonal customers, we are currently working to expand our services. We have partnered with multiple landscapers in the area to help keep up with demand. The benefits of these partnerships include: timely service, ability to pull into driveways, raking/blowing services, and credible references for all your other landscaping needs!

Curbside Leaf Removal (CLR) is the family-owned business of Adam and Jenny Goodrich. When we are not knee-high in leaves, we are kept very busy with our three young children Ben, Meri, and Will. On occasion you might catch one of the kids riding with their Dad or Uncle Bill. At CLR, we are literally a family!!

Having lived in both Brandermill and Woodlake for many years, we always dreaded the fall clean-up season! So when we stumbled upon this massive leaf vacuum truck, we knew it was a business opportunity we couldn't pass up.

What separates us from other Joe Leaf Companies is the size and capacity of our vacuum truck. We are able to offer the best prices in town simply because we don't have to constantly start and stop to make trips to the dump! In fact, we use the same truck model as the City of Richmond.

We run a Ford F-750 truck chassis with 4 cylinder vacuum engine that delivers over 20,000 CFM through a 15" hose. The leaves are sucked into a 30 yard cylindrical body with built-in hydraulic compactor. So just when things are filling up… we are able to compress those leaves and keep on rolling!