Single Lot/Residential Service

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Our typical customer is a do-it-yourself homeowner who doesn’t mind raking but doesn't have an efficient or affordable method of removing their leaves. We have come up with this simple process for your convenience:


  1. Simply enter your address in our instant quote calculator to the right. For multi-lot removals, please contact us or use our multi-lot quote form to negotiate a lump sum price.
  2. If you are satisfied with your quote, just complete the pick-up request and we will send a confirmation email within 48 hours.
  3. Move your leaves as close to the street as possible. Please visit our Terms of Service page for pick-up guidelines.
  4. We do the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my online quote a firm price or could it change upon arrival?

Our quotes are firm. We do reserve the right however to refuse service if it is evident that your neighbors have added to your leaf pile or our guidelines listed within the Terms of Service page have not be met...

Should I tip the pick-up crew?

Our drivers can accept tips should you feel they have provided excellent service.

How much notice do I need to give before my desired pick-up date?

To assure that we can accomodate your desired pick-up date, please write us a week or more ahead of time.

How do I pay?

You can pay online (through our secure online Intuit service). Or you can mail a check to us. OUR DRIVERS DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT...

I live in a cul-de-sac and do not have much curb to place my leaves... Can you still help?

Sure, we can collect all leaves within approximately 15' of the street or driveway edge. Also, you may want to consider working with your neighbors to get a multi-lot discount (and more curb space)!

My yard is fenced, can you reach the hose over?

Unfortunately we cannot. There is too much risk of damaging your fence or our equipment.